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A Little About Me

I guess I need to start with a little about myself since this is my company. I have dabbled in the software programming business and web design on and off since the mid-90's.  Although it has never been my primary role with any company, it was always something that I would do in addition to my other roles.  A bonus if you will.

Starting in about 2011, shortly after moving to Houston, TX, I begin to build websites for friends/acquaintances and really started to enjoy all of the new tools that are available. Coding a website back in the day was hours and hours of writing code. That was never the fun part for me. I always enjoyed the finished product. With the invention of many new tools to speed up the process, I decided to start helping small businesses build their online presence.

What We Believe

To become the go to source for all entrepreneurs and small businesses for responsive web design and digital marketing solutions in Houston Texas and surrounding area and in doing so, create opportunity for growth in each of their companies while continuing to stay on the cutting edge of all new web technology.

Provide that absolute best customer service within the web design and digital marketing space, to go above and beyond all customer expectations.

Deliver quality web design work that is 100% responsive, professional, and showcases the clients product or service in the best possible way to increase the client's business.

Provide the best digital marketing products and services in order to continual drive new business to our clients.

Focus on the needs and wants of the brand new and emerging small business owners that will be the soul focus of our company.

Provide all of the above items at the lowest possible price point in order to insure that every small business owner is able to get the quality and professional website that they deserve.

We will serve all of our customers with the utmost respect and in turn we will expect the same. This company, like all of us believe in the Golden Rule and to treat others as you would have them treat you.

We will choose the customers that we want to work with, as they choose us.  We will not work with any companies or individuals that are involved in anything illegal or of low integrity just because they have money.

We will do our best to donate either our time, money, or both to all charitable causes and will offer our web design and digital marketing services at cost to any and all non-profit organizations.

Our Partners

We can't do it all, so here is a small list of those that help us get it all done
We purchase all of our domains through GoDaddy and offer all of their other services.
Webflow is the our design platform of choice and we also utilize their CMS system for clients that choose CMS.
For any projects that require more work than we can handle internally, we have chosen to use DesignCrowd.
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